Services Offered / Requested

 Computer/Cell Phone/Audio/Video Support:

  • Vince Pannepacker, 44 Mercury, 786-5222:  I’m offering my technology services to our great neighbors for their Personal Computers (Mac and PC), Cell Phones (iPhone, Android, & older), as well as Home Stereo / Television systems.  I can provide advice to assist you with the purchase, installation, configuration, and support for any of your home or personal technology.  I’ve worked in the high-tech field for 30 years and have enjoyed seeing it evolve in so many (potentially confusing) ways.  Let me help you unravel the mysteries and wires of home networks, email, calendars, printers, backups, cell phone basics, synchronization with your computer, software applications and more.  I enjoy setting up and customizing High Definition TVs, Surround Sound, Content Services (Xfinity, U-verse, Dish, Netflix, Amazon, AppleTV, etc.), and can even centralize all six of your remote controls onto a single universal controller!  Let me help you get all your gadgets talking to each other … or just set up and show you how to navigate a modern-day smartphone.

Babysitting & Elder Care Services:

  • Grant Barnes, 9 Apollo Rd, 415-944-0645:  I’m a 13 year-old Del Mar student that can wash windows, babysit, and walk your dog.  I have all my own window washing equipment so you don’t have to do a thing.  In our neighborhood I’ll wash your first window for free.  If you like what you see I’ll wash more and if you don’t then you don’t have to pay me anything.  I have lots of experience with babysitting, including helping my sister run our own camp for 4-6 year-olds.  I can watch children 4+.  I’m also an active Boy Scout and all my first aid is mastered, including CPR and everything else.  I’ve also walked many dogs within this neighborhood and can manage a dog of any size.  Contact me if interested.
  • Teddy Hayden, 235-6228:  I am 13 years old, and am in the 8th grade at Del Mar.  I am offering to babysit any day of the week for a rate of $8 per child per hour.  The ages I can babysit are 3 years or older.  I can do minor cooking (Macaroni and cheese, pasta, etc.).  You can also email me at
  • Matthew Yoshio Boris, 3 Apollo Road, 435-3368:   I am a 13 year old kid who would love to baby sit your child if they are 5+ years old.  I have experience as a Boy Scout, so I have all the first aid down.  (If your child is under 5, I can watch them while you finish that big work thing, or while you tend to the garden or other at-home chores.)
  • Joanna, “The Granny Nanny,” 789-5633:  Having lived on Juno Road for 3 years, I can assist elders with shopping, walks, driving to appointments, cooking light nutritional meals, etc.  I provide assistance without sacrificing their independence.  Available from 2 to 6 hours; experience with memory impaired and infants.   Excellent references available upon request.


  • John Levenhagen, 24 Apollo, H: 435-3533, C: 686-4696.   All types of home repair, carpentry, cabinet making, organizing and cleanup, yard work and maintenance, hauling, large item pickup/delivery, painting, picture hanging, screen repair; emergency service anytime day or night; no job too small.  Give me your “honey do” list!  Local references available.

Environmental Services:

  • Jeff Boris, CMC, Redwood Environmental Services, 305-3368:  Potential health effects and symptoms associated with mold exposure include allergic reactions and other respiratory complaints.  Contact us for a FREE consultation so you can make an educated decision.;

Notary Public:

  • Please let us know if you are, or know of, a notary.  For neighbors who need this service we would like to keep it local — thanks!

Please email to be added to this or other lists.


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