2018 BelEast Survey Results

surveyWe asked – you responded.  Thank you to everyone who took the online neighborhood survey!  We got a lot of great feedback, ideas, and insights into what’s on the minds of many Belveron East residents.

If you’d like to see the overall results, click on the pdf link below to see a high-level summary.  Big picture, we were thrilled to see that overwhelmingly repondents loved living in BelEast!  But that doesn’t mean there aren’t things we could and should be doing to make the neighborhood even better for its residents – whether it’s hosting more educational and/or social gatherings, getting more neighbors involved in specific initiatives light neighborhood lighting, or simply investing in a new entrance sign (yes we know we’ve been thinking/talking about this for a while, but it takes money and time, and we are all volunteers here – so come to the BLOCK PARTY JUNE 2 @ 4-7pm to vote on your favorite design!).

As always we welcome feedback and love to hear your thoughts about what YOU want.  So to the extent it’s legal, feasible, and has solid support, we will do our best to make it a reality.  We also appreciate and desperately need your small contribution to the BelEast Neighborhood Association Fund to make everything happen, so please make your 2018/19 annual donation today by clicking here –> ($30 family, $15 singles/seniors).  

Survey Responses 2018.03

Thank you and have a great, safe, and fun holiday weekend!!


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